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Self Defense

Self Defense for Women

Complex, ingrained behaviors and emotional shadows from life experiences often prevent women from understanding they have the power of choice at every moment in their lives. At the core of Self Defense training at Mejishi, the Lioness School of Self Defense, we help women recognize dangerous situations, create strategies for escape or defense and to make safe and effective decisions.

We look at situations from every angle - do I respond with words or actions? Where are my exit routes? How can I escape from this person? When is it OK to fight? How do I fight? These questions are put to the test in class through physical exercises in which students actively participate.

Assault Prevention & Self Defense for Women

These beneficial programs of two to six hours bring women together in an effort to prevent victimization and increase awareness of protection strategies. These fun and informative seminars are designed to increase confidence and reduce fear. We examine and practice simple, effective techniques - some physical, some not - which can be adapted into the life experience of any woman. Women of all ages, sizes and fitness levels are welcome.

Confront the Shadow

For women with self-defense experience, or the courageous beginner, there is "Confront the Shadow", a premiere assault prevention program which offers training with a padded attacker. This class is offered periodically at our studio, or can be held at your organization's location. The experience of this class is much more emotionally challenging. If you at all have concerns, please speak with us before enrolling. More Information