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Our Mission

Mejishi is a community of peaceful warriors; proudly respecting diversity in age, gender, ethnicity, political persuasion, lifestyles, beliefs, sizes, and physical abilities

You and your family are welcome to join a vibrant community at Mejishi Martial Arts in Ferndale. Come and sample Karate for children, teens and adults, Modern Arnis (Filipino Stick Fighting) at a free intro class session.


Jaye Spiro

Sensei Jaye Spiro: 7th degree black belt in Ai Mute Shotokan, 6th degree black belt in Modern Arnis, and head instructor at Mejishi Martial Arts



Kids Karate Adult Karate

Free Intro Class

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Prospective students can wear loose, comfortable clothing and should bring a water bottle. It's best to come to class a few minutes early.

Self Defense Classes

Self Defense

If confidence and empowerment are what you seek, many teens, women and men find our safety programs invaluable. Through hands-on exercises, we gain a better understanding of our power to make choices.
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"As a student and a parent of a student, I can't say enough about how rewarding the Mejishi Martial Arts programs are for kids and young adults."

Mike Mahoney

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