Mejishi Martial Arts

The Center for the Physical Arts
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Modern Arnis

Class Details

Class Times

Mondays and Wednesdays
7:30 – 9 PM
Includes a Free Fitness Class


$60/month or $165/quarter.
Family rates are available.

Free Intro

Prospective students ages 14 and up can drop in any Monday to try it out. It's best to come a few minutes early.

Modern Arnis, a dynamic Filipino martial art emphasizes double and single stick fighting and empty hand applications including joint locks, disarms and throws. This popular, efficient, easy-to-learn system is offered twice a week here at Mejishi. If you are a serious martial artist of any discipline, or a beginner you are welcome to visit and check it out. This system can be effectively learned by those who require an art featuring fewer kicks than karate.


Jaye Spiro, Mejishi Head Instructor, tested and earned the rank of sixth degree black in Modern Arnis. She trained for many years weekly in Balintawak Escrima with the late Manong Ted Buot, one of the foremost experts in this art. Manong Ted received Balintawak directly from Anciong Bacon in Ceibu City, Phillipines. Balintawak body mechanics, technique, timing and strategy has improved and embellished the work we do here in our stick fighting program.
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Modern Arnis