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Personal Safety Skills For Professionals

Vital PointsSelf DefenseIf your agency is seeking an expert to conduct Safety Training, for decades, Jaye Spiro, our head instructor, has aided Detroit Area social workers, probation officers, businesses, unions, hospitals, churches, court employees, educational institutions, social clubs, senior centers. Tailored to meet the needs of the group, we specialize in offering programs to those in positions that put their personal safety at risk. We provide training solutions for virtually any size or type of organization on-site or at the studio. We can also provide site assessment and evaluation to help your agency insure greater security for consumers and staff.

These programs can be located at your site or ours. Violence prevention is the goal of these two to twelve hour programs for both female and male staff. Seminars are suitable for anyone of any age, size or fitness level and are tailored to the needs of the specific population. Participants increase awareness of a range of self-protection strategies. These fun and informative seminars are designed to increase confidence and reduce fear.

Please call 248-542-5371 to discuss the needs of your organization and to learn more about how a safety program can benefit.