Mejishi Martial Arts

The Center for the Physical Arts
247 W. Nine Mile Rd
Ferndale, MI 48220


"Being a part of the Mejishi Martial Arts family has been one of the most exciting adventures our young family has had! Sensi Jaye and her staff are helping to develop my daughters' physical talents but more importantly they are helping to develop their character. We are proud and thankful."

Morris and Jelane Richardson

"Mejishi Martial Arts has instilled a sense of focus, empowerment and accomplishment in our son and they're a great pillar in our community"

The Pouncy Family

"I joined the Mejishi Martial Arts program initially to improve my cardio, balance, flexibility, and strength, while learning something new that was fun. That was about 4 years ago and the experience has giving me all the things that I joined for plus so much more. I currently hold a Brown Belt in Ai Mute Shotokan Karate and a Yellow belt in Modern Arnis which I just recently began to study.

In addition to Karate I have learned a great deal in the area of self-defense and with my Martial Arts skills I feel I have the confidence to protect myself or others should the need arise. I would highly recommend the Mejishi Martial Arts program to anyone looking to learn a Martial Art and self-defense skills in a clean, safe, and fun environment."

Rob Olsztyn

"Our son originally wanted to take karate lessons because a couple of his school friends were doing it. We are nearly two years in and I'm so glad he's still loving it! He has grown more confident, his ability to concentrate and focus has improved tremendously, he's met new friends and there is definitely a difference in his physical abilities in terms of strength, control and flexibility. Sensei Jaye Spiro is wonderful with the kids -- a perfect mix of nurturing and strictness. Sensei Jaye is so supportive and proud of these kids -- last year several performed karate in their school talent show and she came to support and applaud them! And the other Sensei are great with the kids as well.

Beyond just the individual student and classes, there really seems to be a "family" feel to Mejishi Martial Arts -- you can see it through the variety of group events (like Karate-thon, Karate Olympics, holiday party and group outings), as well as on testing days when belts from white to black are cheering each other on and succeeding and celebrating together. Mejishi is truly a gem in our community -- one I'm glad we found!"

Kristy Stoll

"Mejishi Martial Arts is not only a great place to learn martial arts, it a place where you will learn more about yourself. By focusing your mind, your body and your spirit on learning and improving yourself, it naturally makes you a better person. Mejishi Martial Arts offers the environment and experienced leaders to help us realize our martial arts goals.

Mejishi offers a family-oriented, community-based center for learning. You will feel a family feeling during classes as we work together with our fellow students. And you will feel a community spirit with the many social and learning events planned throughout the year.

As a student and a parent of a student, I can't say enough about how rewarding the Mejishi Martial Arts programs are for kids and young adults. Martial arts is a great program for young people, and Mejishi really specializes in working with them. The turn-around I have seen in my son is amazing!"

Mike Mahoney